ISPO 2019

15 February 2019

ISPO 2019 a Mind blowing game changer...
The last 4 days have been absolutely amazing! This world's biggest Sports & Innovation fair in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

From various different perspectives we got encouraged. First of all the vibe that you can feel in the Sports industry. It's is something you only experience on the playing field. The contunious drive to thrive... to win the game. But always with respect and sportsmanship... And of course you can have a nice beer after the game with your new connection in one of Munich's many "Brauhauses" ;-).
We have gathered a lot of new insights on the sports industry and market. A better view on future customer demands which are very valuable towards value propositions underneath your Sports innovation. And we have seen the endless possibilities of combining different innovations from different market segments... 

A good feeling to experience a growing and booming business in Sports & Innovations. We from Mullens Sports & Health Innovations will be part of this. We focus on value propositions. You need more power and impact in your market? Get in touch. We validate innovations!
Thanks to all new connections. We will follow up!

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ISPO 2019

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